Free Resources Can Be Just as Effective As Textbooks

For the last several years a group of professors at Brigham Young University have been studying the effectiveness of using free academic resources in place of costly textbooks. What they’ve found is that great learning doesn’t need to come with a a hefty price tag.

John Hilton teaches in the religion department at BYU and he’s noticed something about older students. At the beginning of a semester when it comes time to buy textbooks some of them take a risk.

“They’ll say well this textbook costs 100 dollars, I’ve been in a class where the professor did not use the textbook, I’m going to wait a week or two to find out if I really need the textbook,” Hilton says.

To some professors this might be annoying, but Hilton says it makes a lot of sense. Especially if the student is tight on cash and might be choosing between 1,000 dollars worth of textbooks or paying rent.

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